About Me Kate Fletcher

Hi there!

My name is Kate and I’m originally from Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve been traveling the world since 2013 and chasing winters as a Ski Instructor, to fund my adventures.

Between snow seasons, you’ll find me outdoors; skiing, rock climbing, hiking and scuba diving my way around the globe.

The Beginning….

Bags Always Packed was created as a way to get useful information out there for those reaaallllly off the track travel destinations and DIY adventures.

So many people constantly ask me how I travel for so long with such a limited budget. The answer is so simple, you don’t need to be a millionaire to travel!

Simply putting a little more effort into the DIY side of your trip, will save you a lot of money and more often than not, you will be rewarded with truly unique experiences.

My site details exactly how I travel; using specific budget breakdowns, expenditure reports, hiking guides, tips & tricks, public transport how to’s, personal stories and local insights, I lay it all out to show how you too can travel the world no matter your budget!

Collage about Bags Always Packed

So have a read, strap on your hiking boots, buy a ticket and explore!!!

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