Where to Stay in Lofoten – The Ultimate Local’s Guide

Whilst living in the Lofoten Islands for nearly a year, I spent a lot of time exploring every single inch of the archipelago in order to discover all the best spots in this magical place.

Overall, Henningsvær is the best place where to stay in Lofoten as it has the perfect mix of ambience, panoramic views, facilities and the unique historic Lofoten charm.

That being said, there are plenty more options if you have something different in mind. I can confidently say that I’ve spent many nights in practically every town and village here. I’ve compared each one to determine which is the best place to stay in Lofoten and compiled all the information for you here. So let’s get started!

Classic red Norwegian cabins on stilts over the water in Lofoten, offering an authentic and charming stay in the heart of the islands.

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Quick Summary

The best place to stay in the Lofoten Islands is Henningsvær, but if you prefer a more central location, choose a hotel around the Leknes area.

Alternatively, Nusfjord and Å both have a lot of history, are filled with rorbuer and are located at the further point of their respective islands, you’re sure to have a quiet night in either one.

💲💲💲Best Luxury:Thon Hotel
💲💲Best Mid-range:Lofoten Suiteapartments
💲Best Budget:Trevarefabrikken
🏠 Best Rorbu:Nusfjord Arctic Resort
🛏️ Best Hostel:Furu Hostel
📍Most Central Location:Leknes
📸 Most Scenic Town:Reine

1. Best Places to Stay in the Lofoten Islands

A woman enjoys a spectacular view of a sandy beach in Lofoten, representing the serene escapes available for accommodation in the region.

While Reine is probably the most famous town in Lofoten, that doesn’t mean it’s always the best place to stay!

Each town and village in the Lofoten Islands has its own unique charm, draws and drawbacks. So to help you decide on the best place where to stay in Lofoten, I’ve given you an honest description of each one and some of my top hotel recommendations to make it as simple as possible for you.

If you prefer to choose your hotel based solely on price, check out my other post on the best hotels in Lofoten where I give more options divided by budget.

NOTE: Lofoten accommodation ALWAYS books out in summer so you must book early to secure your spot. I recommend booking at least 6 months in advance.

1.1 Henningsvær – Best Place to Stay in Lofoten

Evening settles over a quaint harbor in Lofoten, with the waterfront houses providing a picturesque answer to where to stay in Lofoten.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Henningsvaer is the best place to stay in Lofoten. Located right at the end of an incredibly scenic road that crosses many tiny islands, this adorable town has everything you could want for the ultimate Lofoten experience.

Henningsvær has a cosy yet vibrant atmosphere all year round with plenty of cool cafes, delicious restaurants and unique small businesses. You can kayak amongst the fjords and rorbuer right from your doorstep, hike steep mountains for incredible views and even party the night away at a local festival.

It’s not uncommon for orca whales to be spotted right from town here and the area is surrounded by some of the bluest waters in the north (you might even think you’re on a tropical island).

This is also where the famous soccer field is located although those photos are taken with a drone so you can’t actually see the same view in person.


Villa Bryggekanten

Nestled in the heart of Henningsvær, Henningsvær Bryggehotel offers an intimate waterfront retreat. Enjoy stunning mountain and sea views, modern amenities, and kayak rental right on your doorstep.

Mid Range

Henningsvær Guesthouse

Here, every detail from the welcoming staff to the convenient parking, contributes to a memorable stay. Start your day with a delicious breakfast, then head out to explore the outdoors by bike or hike.



Arguably one of the coolest places to stay in Lofoten, Trevarefabrikken is housed in a converted factory with a great sauna outside. Downstairs they have a popular cafe/bar that always has something going on from yoga to festivals.


Henningsvær Rorbuer

These quaint cottages offer a serene escape with kitchenettes, private patios, fireplaces and captivating sea views. You can even indulge in relaxation with a sauna and a unique quayside wood-fired hot tub, what more could you ask for?

1.2 Reine & Hamnøy – Most Scenic Place in the Lofoten Islands

Peaceful sunset view of a waterfront village in the Lofoten Islands, reflecting the serene atmosphere of staying in this idyllic location.

Reine and Hamnøy are probably the two most photographed towns in Lofoten thanks to the fact that they are stunningly beautiful, but be warned, this also makes them incredibly busy places.

Located in the south of Lofoten, just a 5-minute drive north of the Moskenes ferry terminal, Reine is home to the famous Reinebrigen hike that looms over the village.

In town you’ll find a handful of small shops, tour operators and cafes but no large-scale hotels (check out Svolvaer if that’s your vibe). Instead of hotels, there are plenty of quaint rorbuer and apartments to choose from if you’re looking for a picture-perfect Lofoten experience.

Just a further 10 minutes north of Reine is where the Instagram-famous Hamnøy is located. While there is next to nothing here aside from rorbuer and fish racks here, you’ll probably recognize it from the picture at the top of this page. It’s a great choice if you want a little more solitude while still being close to Reine.


Rostad Retro Rorbuer

These vintage-inspired cabins blend modern comforts with a touch of nostalgia. Perfect for families, the property boasts a playful children’s area and thoughtful babysitting services, making it an ideal retreat for relaxation and adventure.

Mid Range

Sakrisøy Gjestegård

Experience timeless elegance at Sakrisøy Gjestegård, an 1880 manor with unbeatable sea-view rooms, plenty of modern comforts and great prices. You can’t get much better value for money than this.



If you’re coming to Lofoten for adventure (who isn’t?) this is the perfect budget option in Reine. Take part in the weekly yoga sessions, join a kayak tour or relax in the sauna after a long day of hiking, the choice is yours!


Eliassen Rorbuer

These are the insta-famous robuers featured in the picture at the start of this article. Nestled on Hamnøy Island, these cozy, renovated fishermen’s cottages boast kitchens, living spaces, and views of the majestic fjord.

1.3 Nusfjord – Quietest Place to Stay in Lofoten

Majestic mountains cradle a seaside town in Lofoten, offering a tranquil retreat for visitors looking for the perfect place to stay.

Nusfjord is a historical village that sits in quite a remote part of the Lofoten Islands. Made up of rorbuer, practically the entire village is an open-air museum with many cabins restored to their previous states.

While the museum does bring in busloads of tourists during the day, at night this town is as quiet as it gets. Plus, there are only a handful of accommodation options (all rorbuer) which means the village can’t get overcrowded.

Here you will have plenty of time to enjoy the solitude of your incredible fjord surroundings plus sample the great bakery and restaurant in town.

Located in the southern third of the Lofoten Island chain, Nusfjord is about a 15-minute drive off the E10 which adds to its serenity, but do know that there aren’t too many public transport options here so I don’t recommend it unless you have a car.


Nusfjord Arctic Resort

Right in the centre of the historical Nusfjord, these beautiful cabins have been renovated to the highest standard to give you a luxurious home away from home.

Mid Range

Lofoten Cottages

Located just a short walk up the road from the Nusfjord historical town, these beautiful rorbuer cabins have an unbeatable view in an extra peaceful part of Lofoten.


Lofoten Fjord Apartment

While it’s not in Nusfjord itself, this apartment is a good choice if you are looking for a budget choice nearby.


Nusfjord Ocean View Rorbu

Even though both the luxury and mid-range options on this list are rorbuer, here is another great cabin in the village to check out with incredible mountain views.

1.4 Leknes – Most Central Location in Lofoten

Two hikers on a coastal path in Lofoten, the landscape around them dotted with potential places to stay in this breathtaking natural setting.
Photo by Marta from Inafarawayland

Lekens is a town that often gets left off the list of where to stay in Lofoten because, in all honesty, it’s not the most pretty place in Lofoten.

As it’s not directly on the coast, you won’t find any rorbuer or fancy hotels, but there are plenty of cosy cafes, quant craft stores, delicious restaurants and surrounding mountains to explore. In terms of amenities, Leknes has the second most after Svolvaer.

The reason I recommend Leknes is because of its location. Situated exactly halfway between Å and Svolvaer, it has the most central location for those of you who want to get out and explore from a solid base.

We spent a lot of time in this area as there are plenty of great hikes and climbing spots within a 10-minute drive, and you can reach either end of Lofoten in an hour.


Scandic Leknes

Just a stone’s throw from Leknes Airport, each room at the Scandic offers you your own sanctuary to relax after a long day of hiking. With free parking, family rooms and a restaurant onsite, this hotel is perfect for everyone.

Mid Range

New apartment

This 2-bedroom apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, plenty of space, and is less than 1km from the airport making it a great choice if you want your own place to unwind.


Lofoten Overnatting

For those of you who just want a cheap place to rest your head at night, Lofoten Overnatting fits the bill. Even though the price is more than fair, you’ve still got access to everything you need like a shared lounge, kitchen and bike rentals onsite.



Located just a short drive outside of Leknes, these spacious cabins have gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows giving you uninhibited views of the water.

1.5 Å – Where to Stay in Lofoten for History

A bustling harbor scene with red wooden buildings on stilts, this waterfront is a charming contender for where to stay in Lofoten, showcasing the islands' rich fishing culture.

Right at the southern tip of Lofoten, Å (pronounced Oh) is a picturesque town made up nearly entirely of red rorbuer.

With dramatic rocky mountain peaks and the ferocious Norwegian Sea on all sides, this tiny village is a must-visit during your trip, regardless of whether or not you choose to stay here.

Being so far south, the location isn’t the best if you want to take lots of day trips, but the views more than makeup for it if you’re looking for somewhere to relax and take in the history.

During the day there is a constant influx of tourists, but most of them just turn around and leave as quickly as they arrive. That means at night the village is quite peaceful and you can enjoy the handful of restaurants all to yourself.


Brygga Restaurant and Rooms

Each room at Brygga Rooms offers a cozy seating area and breathtaking sea views creating the perfect retreat after a day of exploration. Plus, the onsite restaurant is known for its amazing seafood!

Mid Range

High end sea cabins

For a modern twist on the Lofoten cabins, these luxurious seaside cottages look like they have come straight out of a design magazine with sleek interiors and incredible views.


Lofoten Å HI hostel

This hostel is one of the only classic red historical cabins that you can stay at in Lofoton on a budget. While the facilities are shared and pretty basic, you can’t get a better location for the price.


Å Rorbuer

Even though there are plenty of rorbuer to choose from in Lofoten, Å Rorbuer is definitely one of the best. Each cabin has its own private patio and there’s a great bar and restaurant onsite, so you have everything you need at the tip of your fingers.

1.6 Svolvær – The Main Town in Lofoten

Panoramic view of a bustling town by the sea, illustrating the vibrant choices on where to stay in Lofoten amidst the natural beauty of the archipelago.

Last but not least, Svolvær is the best place to stay in Lofoten if you want to enjoy the luxury of a modern hotel with all the amenities you would expect of a regular city.

While Svolvær isn’t really big enough to be considered a city in most people’s terms, it does have all the facilities you could want for your vacation like shops, restaurants, museums, tour operators, bars and spas.

Home to the other popular ferry terminal, this is often the furthest north most tourists go when visiting Lofoten, so while it has plenty of locals, it often doesn’t seem as overwhelmingly busy as some of the smaller villages like Reine.

If you like the idea of being close to Svolvær but don’t want to stay in such a big town, you can also try Kabelvag, just a 10-minute drive south. This small town is mostly full of locals but still has a handful of guest houses and apartments to rent if you want to get away from the tourists.


Thon Hotel

This incredible 5-star hotel is absolutely one of the most luxurious places you can stay in the whole of the Lofoten Islands. You’ll be treated to all the facilities you could possibly imagine here including a seaside sauna with a view.

Mid Range

Lofoten Suiteapartments

For a little more space, opt for the luxurious Lofoten Suiteapartments. Each apartment boasts a modern kitchen, cozy seating, and panoramic views creating a serene environment for you to rest your head each night.


Lofoten Villa

A great guesthouse with unbeatable value for money, here you can socialise in the garden or retreat to the sanctuary of your private room without missing out on any necessities.


Svinøya Rorbuer

This place has a huge range of different rorbuer to choose from, each one decorated with a stylish rustic interior. Make sure to pick a cabin with a private sauna if you are looking for the full VIP experience.

2. Best Rorbuer / Fishermen Cabins in Lofoten

A vibrant orange cabin stands out against the snow and rock, marking a picturesque and unique option for where to stay in Lofoten under the towering presence of the rugged mountains.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort

Location: Nusfjord

If you’re looking for the ultimate rorbuer experience, you can’t beat staying at Nusfjord Arctic Resort. Nusfjord is a tiny historical village made up nearly entirely of rorbuer that have been restored to create an open-air museum.

Here you’re sure to have a tranquil evening enjoying the epic views from this incredible village. The resort offers activities like kayaking, hiking and fishing, plus there’s even a wood-fired hot tub!

Hattvika Lodge

Location: Ballstad

Located in Ballstad, Hattvika Lodge offers a unique blend of traditional charm and modern design with a range of unique cabins to choose from. From cottages with balconies or patios to enjoying breathtaking views, or hillside retreats for a more secluded experience, I’m sure you’ll find something to suit your style here.

Whichever you choose, make sure to try the onsite restaurant and incredible sauna that stands above the ocean.

Eliassen Rorbuer

Location: Hamnøy Island

These Instagram famous rorbuer are located on the tiny Hamnøy Island, just a 5-minute drive from Reine. While they may be featured in hundreds of images taken from the Hamnøy bridge, don’t worry, most tourists don’t actually venture down to the rorbuer themselves.

Each cottage boasts private kitchen facilities, a cozy living room, and serene views of the surrounding mountains. Plus you can also indulge in a unique culinary experience at Gadus Restaurant onsite where Norwegian meets Italian cuisine.

Lofoten Basecamp

Location: Outside Leknes

Located right across the road from one of my favourite hikes in Lofoten (Offersøykammen), these rorbuer might not be the most traditional, however, they do offer a great location, stunning views and plenty of space.

Just a short drive from Leknes, here you will be less than an hour’s drive from both Svolvaer and Å which means you can easily explore any part of the island you want.

Anker Brygge

Location: Svolvaer

Located on a small island connected to Svolvaer, here you have all the conveniences of a larger city in Lofoten without the hassle. Not only do these rorbuer have the best location for uninterrupted ocean views, but you’re just a short walk from the centre of town.

If you don’t feel like heading into town, you can also indulge in local cuisine at Kjøkkenet Restaurant onsite or enjoy a variety of activities arranged by the staff, from golf to boat trips.

Henningsvær Rorbuer

Location: Henningsvaer

Henningsvær Rorbuer offers a quintessential Lofoten experience with its traditional Norwegian fisherman’s cottages in one of the Island’s most popular villages.

Each cabin here is equipped with a kitchenette and private patio, and some even boast sea views and a cozy fireplace creating your own private sanctuary away from the crowds. Make sure to check out the sauna and a unique quayside wood-fired hot tub during your stay!

Solsiden Brygge Rorbuer

Location: Ballstad

For a modern take on the traditional rorbuer, the cabins at Solsiden Brugge will certainly not disappoint. The stylish interiors are absolutely breathtaking and the mountain views simply add the icing on the cake.

Solsiden Brygge also offers plenty of things to do with a great restaurant onsite serving up the freshest seafood as well as boat rentals, fishing tours and a beautiful wood-fired hot tub.

3. Best Hostels in The Lofoten Islands

Warm evening light bathes the Furu Hostel and Café, a cozy and welcoming spot ideal for where to stay in Lofoten, with a guest seen through the window enjoying the homely interior.


Location: Bøstad

We actually lived at Furu for the entire winter that we spent in the Lofoten Islands and I cannot recommend it enough. Not only are the owners and staff incredibly welcoming, but the cosy vibes and upscale amenities will make you doubt the price you paid. With a secluded lakefront location, picturesque sauna and fire hut, there’s plenty to do here year-round.


Location: Henningsvaer

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Henningsvær, Trevarefabrikken offers an ideal stay for social travellers, complete with a popular bar and fun karaoke nights. What was once an old factory is now a social hub for locals and tourists alike offering contemporary rooms and plenty of activities.

Unstad Surfpacker

Location: Unstad Beach

Unstad Surfpacker is the go-to hostel for those looking to catch the waves at the famous Unstad Beach. The shared kitchen and lounge areas are perfect for meeting other travellers and the location just a short walk from the beach couldn’t be better.

Lofoten Å HI Hostel

Location: Å

A popular spot amongst seasoned backpackers, the HI hostel in Å is located in an old rorbuer. While you won’t get a cabin to yourself here, you can still enjoy the experience of staying in one of these traditional buildings without having to sell a kidney to afford it!

Lofoten Budget Hostel

Location: Å

This cozy hostel has plenty of great communal spaces for you to enjoy such as the beautiful garden, fully equipped kitchen and cosy lounge. Lofoten Budget Hostel is a good choice if you’re looking for private rooms that won’t break the bank but still like a social atmosphere.

4. Camping in Lofoten

The evening sun casts a soft glow on a beachside camping area, a more adventurous choice for where to stay in Lofoten with magnificent mountain views in the background.

Lofoten Beach Camp

This is my favourite campsite in Lofoten as it is located right on an incredible beach and always has a fun vibe. There’s plenty of space for tents, vans and RV’s, a cool A-frame beach bar and surfboard rentals available onsite. Plus the showers are great ;).


Another great camping option if you’re looking for a gorgeous location with plenty of facilities is Skårungen. There are 40 tent spots and 30 spaces for caravans, motorhomes, and camper vans and even a glamping option in a secluded location amongst the mountains. Make sure to book a slot at the ‘spa’. Each slot gives you private access to the sauna and wood-fired hot tub located on a jetty that extends into the fjord. Sunset was my favourite time to go but it’s also a great place to watch the northern lights in winter.

Hammerstad Camping

Located on a beautiful fjord near Svolvaer, Hammerstad Camping is located right on the water with spaces for vans, tents and cabins. This family-owned campground is very friendly and will make you feel right at home. Plus you can rent boats right onsite for a fishing trip to Austnesfjord.

Moskenes Camping

If you’re looking for a simple campsite in a relatively quiet location near Reine, Moskenes Camping fits the bill. There’s space for vans and tents, a small pub and a handful of activities on offer, but other than that it’s a pretty basic campground.

Rystad Lofoten Camping

Another great beachfront camping option is located in Rystad, just on the opposite side of the E10 to the Henningsvaer turn-off. While the facilities might be a little basic, the beachfront campsites and serene atmosphere more than makeup for it. This is also a drop-in campsite so you don’t need to make reservations ahead of time.

5. Things to Know Before Choosing Where to Stay in Lofoten

Scenic winter view of a traditional Lofoten warming cabin covered in snow, ideal for those looking for a cozy retreat in the islands.

Even though I’ve given you all the information you could possibly need about the best places to stay in Lofoten above, here are a few more things you should know before making the final decision.

Different Types of Accommodation in Lofoten

As most of the towns and villages in Lofoten are quite small, you won’t find many large upscale hotels like you might expect in a major city. If you’re looking for a fancy hotel, your best bet is to stay in Svolvær where you have great options like the stunning Thon Hotel.

But you’re in Lofoten! This is your chance to experience staying in a traditional rorbu. Rorbuer are old fishing cabins that usually stand on stilts above the water. Generally painted in bright colours like red, yellow or blue, many of these old wooden cabins have been transformed into luxury apartments boasting unbeatable views.

In addition to rorbuer and hotels, you will also find many guesthouses that offer great hospitality, cosy rooms and a range of price options for any budget.

Getting Around the Lofoten Islands

In summer there are plenty of transport options to help you get around the main parts of the Lofoten Islands including public buses, hop-on hop-off tourist busses, tours and even hitchhiking. Yep, there’s SO many people driving around the islands during the summer that hitchhiking is super easy.

That being said, there are plenty of off-the-beaten places to find and the buses/tours do not always line up. The best way of exploring Lofoten is to rent a car, this way you can see everything at your own pace and have plenty of time to hike without worrying about missing your ride.

If you don’t want to rent a car, transportation is something to take into consideration when deciding the best place to stay in Lofoten for you. Some more remote hotels may be incredibly beautiful, but also limiting if they are not close to the E10 (the main road that goes through Lofoten). Any of the towns I recommended above (with the exception of Nusfjord) have plenty of transport connections, but winter is a different story (see below).

Staying in Lofoten during Winter

While winter is a great time to visit if you’re like me and get excited about backcountry skiing, cotton candy sunrises and the dancing northern lights, it’s important to know that a lot of things close down in winter here.

That means there are fewer accommodation options, fewer restaurants and cafes, and not as many tourist attractions as you would find during the summer season. These things aren’t too much of an issue if you plan ahead, but something that really does have a big impact on tourists during the colder months is that public transport is practically nonexistent.

There is generally one bus in each direction per day that will get you onto the island, but if you want to explore, you will need to rent a car.

NOTE: Even most of the tours you find offered in summer do not run in the winter season, so picking accommodation that is easy to get to is an absolute must. If you’re visiting in winter, I recommend staying in Svolvær, Leknes or Reine as they are all on the main road which the bus passes through.

Where to Stay in Lofoten for the Northern Lights

To have the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights, you want to be in a location with as minimal light pollution as possible.

Thankfully most of Lofoten is made up of small towns and villages that do not omit too much light, this means if the conditions are right you can see northern lights from practically anywhere on Lofoten.

That being said, it’s best to avoid Svalvaer and Leknes if you want the best chance of catching them right from your bed. Of course, if you have a car you can very easily drive to a more remote location to watch the show, but you can’t always predict how and when they are going to pop up, so the best option is to stay somewhere secluded.

I stayed at Furu for the entire winter and saw the Northern Lights countless times right from the doorstep. Some other great choices away from light pollution are Nusfjord Arctic Resort and Flakstad Beach.

Frequently Asked Questions about Where to Stay in Lofoten

Red cabins on a narrow strip of land in the Lofoten Islands present a picturesque option for travelers pondering where to stay in Lofoten.

What is the best town to base yourself in the Lofoten Islands?

The most central town in Lofoten is Leknes, making it a great base for those who want easy access to explore the entire archipelago.

Which is the most scenic place to stay in Lofoten?

Reine or Hamnøy are the most scenic places to stay in Lofoten. With tiny islands spalling out over the sea, surrounded by majestic mountains and dotted with red rorbuer fishing cabins, you can’t get more “Lofoten” than this.

What is the main town in Lofoten?

Svolvær is the main town in Lofoten. Located on Austvågøya Island, this is where you should stay if you want access to big shops, restaurants and other facilities.

Which are the best rorbuer in the Lofoten Islands?

Hattvika Lodge, Eliassen Rorbuer and Lofoten Basecamp are the best rorbuer in Lofoten. Each one offers a range of size options in unbeatable locations with spectacular views.

A traveler perched high on a Lofoten cliff, overlooking the breathtaking scenery, embodying the essence of adventure in deciding where to stay in Lofoten.

Well there you have it, you’ve made it to the end of my exhaustive list of where to stay in Lofoten. I hope my year exploring every inch of this fantastic island chain helped you decide which is the best place to stay for you.

Remember that Lofoten is an INCREDIBLE busy place in summer and accommodation always books out. I recommend you book at least 6 months in advance if not more!

To recap, I recommend Henningsvær as the best town in the Lofoten Islands in terms of location, atmosphere, views and amenities. Henningsvær Rorbuer is a great choice here if you are looking for a traditional fishing cabin, alternatively, the vibrant Trevarefabrikken is my favourite place to stay for a social getaway.

If you have any questions for me or want any more recommendations, feel free to leave a comment below, I am always happy to help you out.

Happy Travels,


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